Portland Food Trip

wpid-20150801_145742.jpgThe Oregon coast is a beautiful drive. We were coming from California while my brother drove down from Canada. Portland  is midway and the shopping is tax-free!!wpid-20150801_114629.jpg

It’s really the many bridges that welcome you to the city. We rented a quaint wooden summer cottage across the river. The Californians were happy to get drive-thru coffee at Dutch Brothers, it was the indicator (according to Waze) that we reached our destination.
Microbreweries are everywhere in Portland. The place is known as the craft beer brewing capital of America; even the groceries offer a wide selection of homemade flavors.  As for wine, Oregon is known for cool climate Pinot Noir!!

wpid-20150801_130203.jpgThe street or food cart culture is also very strong. We got to explore the Portland Saturday Market located downtown. The summer heat was unbearable so instead of trying a food truck I escaped to a rated restaurant called Sube Sushi. I sat by the sushi bar, relished my food and enjoyed the AC.

Later I explored the riverbank and someone tried to offer me weed! Oh my! Cannabis is legal here!

I regrouped with my family and found our youngsters with a box of Voodoo doughnuts. They told me it’s one of those things you must try in Oregon.

Portland for me is an oxymoron. It has a strong hipster culture with health buffs patronizing “farm to table” restaurants, vegetarian, organic and healthy food.  Ironically it also has a strong hippie culture of long bearded men smoking marijuana.  Over craft beer I pondered if this place is more hippie or hipster??


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One Response to Portland Food Trip

  1. windyhs says:

    the doughnuts are hand made? looks delicious…^_^

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