Cebu’s Tabo-an Market

Tabo-an is a famous public market located in Cebu. This place was featured by Chef Anthony Bourdain during his trip to the Philippines. Tabo-an market sells dried fish and seafood sourced from the nearby islands. The most popular fish identified with Cebu is danggit (rabbit fish) and is sold here at wholesale prices. The vendors neatly arrange and seal your purchase in plastic to contain the odor. You might pick up that stinky scent of fish in your hair and clothes as you wander around the stalls.  That smell is part and so worth the adventure 🙂wpid-20150606_141802.jpg

Different kinds of dried fish or seafood in Tabo-an:

Dulong (baudnon)
Fish Tapa
Fish Tocino
Pusit (squid)
Shredded squid
Tarorot (squid)
Tocino bones


wpid-20150606_141935.jpgOther Cebu items available:
Cebu chorizo
Dried mangoes
Little Guitars


How to get to the market:
Taxis are safe and cheap in Cebu. It is for me the best way to get market


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9 Responses to Cebu’s Tabo-an Market

  1. The Monching says:

    Thanks for this timely post! 🙂 We’ll be going to Cebu next month and now we know what to expect at Taboan!

  2. lorikeetlady says:

    What wonderful photos of the dried fish and so many varieties which we don’t see in Queensland. Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoy learning about your community through your stories.

  3. Mmmmmm! Seeing those pictures of buwad is making our mouths water.

  4. I never forget to visit this whenever I’m in Cebu!!! We just love dried fish!!

  5. needeanshu says:

    Wow what lovely names.. ☚I never knew sooo many varieties of dry fish existed..

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