Dumaguete to Apo Island

The dive boat docks at sea near Apo Island. We swim to shore and later snorkel with the giant turtles that nest in shallow waters. The turtles are huge, old and are larger than me!!! I counted five big ones!   Around lunch time we are hungry and find the sandwiches on the boat insufficient. We need a rice dish because we are Filipino. We swim back  and search for food among the natives in this little remote island.

Me: “We would like to order fish or seafood for our lunch.”
Local lady : “No fish available”
Me: “But we are on an island!”
Local lady: “This is a marine sanctuary, no fishing allowed, chicken only.”
Me: “Okay, chicken for four people with rice. How much would it cost?”
Local lady: “I don’t know. First I will catch the chicken. Then weigh it after it is killed and the feathers are removed. Then add the cost of the other ingredients”
Me: “Oh so you need to catch a chicken first ?!??? Alright let me know how much. Can we eat in that little hut by the beach?”
Local lady: “I have to rent place from friend, not mine. Also need to borrow plates and utensils.” Then she starts computing.
Me: “Can you just give me a price? How about P200 (4 Euros) per person for everything?”
Local lady:  “ Okay I catch chicken now. Come back in 2 hours”

I was expecting simple food but she served us a perfectly cooked chicken stew with paprika and bell peppers using wood fire. Where she got the other ingredients I still wonder. It was nourishing and pleasantly delicious!

Accommodation and best place to stay in Dumaguete:

Chef Gabby del Prado has the best food in town!! He also helped arrange our day trips to Apo Island and Siquijor with his resort as our base.
Gabby’s Bed and Breakfast
Florentina  Homes

Dumaguete to Apo Island:

Harold’s Dive Center – snorkeling P1000 whole day with land arrangements, boat, gear and sandwich on the boat


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9 Responses to Dumaguete to Apo Island

  1. Sehar A. says:

    WOW! that was so much to read. lol especially the whole ‘I don’t know. First I will catch the chicken’. LOl thanks for sharing! it was a fun read and the picture of you snorkeling near the giant turtle looks beautiful!
    i will definitely be visiting the Philippines and this lady if i go (which now i would like to do).
    i enjoy when things are more from ‘farm’ to table . i dont know why, but in my opinion, the food tastes better too. =]
    Also, please do check out my food-review blog too with posts which you may find interesting at https://eatandtell1.wordpress.com/ =]
    & follow me on Facebook too https://www.facebook.com/eatandtell001
    Bon Appetit! =]

  2. Wow this was so funny! I cant imagine being told “Okay I catch chicken now. Come back in 2 hours” when Im hungry ha ha but Im glad it turned out to be delicious!

  3. Hahaha! That’s one funny episode. We’ve been to Apo Island, and it is awesome! But the real beauty of Apo Island is under the waves; the coral gardens are beautiful beyond description. We scuba dived in Chapel, one of their dive sites. We saw thousands of fish, corals of infinite species, and the biggest green turtles we’ve ever seen—bigger than the ones snacking near the shore! Scuba diving, therefore, is the best way to enjoy this lovely island.

  4. needeanshu says:

    Must have been a wonderful experience… Giant turtles.. Who aaahhh… Amazing..

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