Chinese New Year Binondo Food Trip


We spent the eve of Chinese New Year in Manila’s Chinatown called Binondo. The atmosphere was very festive with fireworks, crowded streets and vendors everywhere. First we went to check out the rows of food stalls  beside the creek called “Estero”.  Food looked really sleazy but incredibly tasty. We couldn’t find an empty table so we walked back to Ongpin street.  We wanted to go to Sincerity  Cafe and Restaurant at the Lucky Chinatown building  but traffic was building up.

Our next option Wei Ying Restaurant along Benavidez street was an excellent choice. I ordered my favorite roast duck with white chicken. We also had roast duck mami, asado mami, siomai, shrimp chong fan, spareribs rice, chicken feet, lomaikai, and  linyong pao. Food porn! We only spent P1250 for 4 people !

image wpid-20150218_233945.jpgwpid-20150218_234253.jpgwpid-20150218_215301.jpg


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7 Responses to Chinese New Year Binondo Food Trip

  1. groversmanse says:

    The food looks delicious!

  2. internetheartsbeauty says:

    The rice rolls remind me that I need to go to dim sum again. Haven’t been in so long!

  3. The chicken rice looks very tempting!

  4. I super love their shrimp chong fan! Good food, sketchy place but awesome Chinese fast food. Haven’t been there in a long time but def a good choice for food trip in binondo

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