Where did the Vatican Cardinals and Papal Bodyguards stay during the Papal Visit in Manila 2015?

popeHotel Benilde  Maison De La Salle  was secretly home to Pope Francis’ Papal Entourage last January 14-19, 2015 in Manila.  The presence of the high ranking Vatican Cardinals and Swiss Guards or papal bodyguards remained confidential during their stay.  Now that they are away, here are pictures from the devoted team that handled the delegation.

pope9As early as January 12 classes in SHRIM were cancelled. Those of us not part of the Papal Visit 2015 were asked to vacate the building. Security was very tight and  only members of the Benilde Papal Team were allowed in the premises. The whole hotel was closed for the congregation.  The different entrances even had metal detectors and x-ray machines!

Congratulations to the  Secretariat Team headed by Ms. Lettie Delarmente. They worked very hard  to show our guests the true meaning of Filipino and Lasallian hospitality. The
culinary team was headed by executive chef Mae Belgira Montalban of the De La Salle- College 0f Saint Benilde School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Chef Mae’s Papal Menu was even signed by the different cardinals.   Congratulations Team Benilde!! Animo!!!

( photo credits: Chef Mae Montalban, Pierre Cornelis, Jester Arellano, Lettie Delarmente)

Exhibit of the Sacristy of the Papal Entourage

pope 1pope2


menu2 menu3 menu4menu6 menu8


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22 Responses to Where did the Vatican Cardinals and Papal Bodyguards stay during the Papal Visit in Manila 2015?

  1. Lucy says:

    It’s nice to hear that they served the Entourage of the Pope. One thing I noticed is the poor Menu that was just printed in short bond paper. They could have ask people from SDA to design their menu more effectively. Thank you

  2. Corazon Rule Dayrit says:

    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TEAM…..you really did a wonderful job!!!

  3. Congratulations to Hotel Benilde and the whole Benildean Lasallian community for letting Pope Francis’ entourage feel the Benildean level of hospitality! Animo Benilde! Animo La Salle! We love Pope Francis!

  4. jeston says:

    What’s sad here is that it was almost an all italian menu everyday… Where’s the creativity adding burro or mango salsa isn’t showing any is it? I mean unless it was requested that it be like this then it’s okay but other than that this is just sad. I’m not saying they should be served some heavy kare kare or bulalo but they didn’t come all the way from a far off land to eat something that was a rip-off of their own cuisine which is just great all on its own.

    I don’t wanna take credit away from the team i know its hard to be cook with all the pressure and stuff but yeah just disappointing from another cook’s point of view

    • Pam says:

      Their everyday menu was requested and approved by the Vatican. The menus posted on the blog were the ones autographed by the cardinals. And yes the team also prepared and served Filipino food.

      • jeston says:

        Okay that’s good to know! Thanks for the verification! Doesn’t really matter to me if they were served Filipino food or not what’s more important is that a culinary school be an example for creativity.

    • jing lanzona says:

      But serving them something alien to their stomach might upset their digestive system and will affect their job. I’m not a chef, it’s common sense, i guess. Congratulations!!

  5. secretlyfab says:

    Animo La Salle! So proud of you guys.

  6. Bernadette B says:

    i’m proud to be a Benildean 👍👍👍

  7. Dr. Leah Fajutagana says:

    Congratulations!mabuhay po kayo!

  8. Ferdie Limbo says:

    Proud of my UP HRA batchmate! Great job Chef Mae!!😄 👍 Congrats as well to the St Benilde team!😃

  9. K Roa says:

    Bro Den! Lucky you!

  10. Denise says:

    Wish you guys could post the names of everyone in the photos! It would be nice to know what their names are para hindi confusing 🙂

  11. Genevieve M. says:

    Animo! Outstanding job to everyone involved! Glad that the papal entourage were accorded with warm Benildean hospitality. 🙂

    P.S. Can somebody find out the name of the monsignor to Msgr. Guido Marini’s right? (1st pic). Thank you!

  12. Animo! A big congratulations to you guys!

  13. Thank you for treating the guest as they were only a block away from home.

  14. spajzgirl says:

    Wow! That was something! By the way thanks for liking my blog…cheers

  15. deangomez says:

    Trivia: One of the Filipino pilots of Pope Francis is a Lasallian alumnus from DLSZ

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