Exciting 2015 Menu

nye food (2)Several of my father’s very good friends passed away last 2014, and with ALL my siblings being abroad I was unsure of the menu for the party. Pappy is a stickler for tradition; he insisted on welcoming the New Year’s Eve with an abundant feast. So I cooked my usual turkey, a leg of lamb, lengua, potato salad, and we purchased a lechon (roasted pig). Inviting people was the easiest part. I did not make paella which was included in the regular repertoire, not realizing our regular guests would miss it.  It was a joy to see people enjoy my food. Complements such as “put up your own restaurant” continue to haunt me today.

Over the holidays I watched the movie “The Hobbit” and then did a “Lord of the Rings’ trilogy marathon.  This may seem funny, but this quote from LOTR is my New Year’s resolution:

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” – Gadalf the Grey 
J.R.R. Tolkien)

It is so much easier to stick to tradition and stay in our comfort zones, but there is an adventure waiting out there for all of us.  My theme for 2015 is CHANGE. So I resolve to:

  1. Go to places I’ve never been before
  2. Learn a new craft, hobby or sport
  3. Try new restaurants and order different items off the menu
  4. Cook new recipes
  5. Drink different varieties of wine, part of continuing education
  6. Use different routes to get to places
  7. Open my heart to love
  8. Adjust look/wardrobe and accept that I am plus two sizes bigger
  9. Make that big career move that I’ve been postponing
  10. Take a big leap of faith

A blessed and exciting New Year to you!


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Teacher, cook, foodie, wanderlust
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2 Responses to Exciting 2015 Menu

  1. That food photo is reeeaallly interesting!

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