The modern Filipino menu challenge

wpid-20141204_154246“The great thing for chefs, the great blessing for chefs, and for people that care about food and cooking, is that the most ecological choice for food is also the most ethical choice for food.”- Chef Dan Barber: A foie gras parable (TED TALK)

My Filipino Cuisine students exceeded my expectations during their final exams this term. The challenge was to create a menu using local ingredients; and to produce Filipino  food in an elegant way that would be very much appreciated by foreigners. We did a lot of brainstorming and I was so happy and proud of their execution. Student Alfred Sango and his team did a wonderful job!



Tempura of eggplant, winged beans, and okra on pumpkin sauce with anchovy emulsion. This starter was inspired by a local Ilocano vegetable dish called “pinakbet”.

wpid-20141204_154319.jpgFish paupiette stuffed with tuna and salmon on a scallop shell, cheese gratin and cherry tomatoes with moringa (malunggay) pesto. Served with mesclun and blanched sweet potato (kamote) leaves with vinaigrette, salted duck eggs and sauteed scallops. Right before serving we used a smoking gun and trapped the smoke in another glass acting as a cover to the salad. When the guest removed the glass, the escaping smoke created a dramatic effect.

Homemade Christmas ham with savory sapin-sapin ( layered mashed purple yam, sweet potatoes, and yellow potatoes), with queso de bola crisps and dried pineapples. The dish is served with pineapple demi-glace and sauteed vegetables. The inspiration behind this dish is Noche Buena or the midnight Christmas feast with traditional ham and queso de bola. Yuga’s ham recipe won an award during the Young Hoteliers Expostion competition.

wpid-20141204_160858.jpgfilcui class (2)Tablea chocolate mousse topped with Baguio strawberries, mango gelee, brownies and caramelized pili nuts

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  2. Very unique dishes! Hmmmm! We should be trying out gourmet cooking while waiting for our next adventure. 🙂

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