Pinakbet (Filipino Vegetable Stew) Featuring a Top-Secret Ingredient #LetsLunch

I’d like to reblog Dr. Linda Shiue’s post. She is a doctor, healthy cooking teacher, and food writer based in San Francisco. We had a great time cooking together. For private cooking classes on Filipino cuisine in Manila, please email me at

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For this month’s Let’s Lunch, a virtual monthly potluck on Twitter, the theme is a top-secret favorite food.  I’ve chosen an ingredient that’s not frequent in my rotation, and which even I was surprised to find I enjoy eating: chicharrones. Before I tasted them, the concept of fried pork skins didn’t appeal to me, from either a flavor or health viewpoint.  I don’t think I even tried chicharrones until a few years ago, on a trip to Nicaragua, when they came as part of the dish called vigoron, a yuca dish. These salty baconiness of these crisps contrasts well with the solid plainness of the boiled yuca.

A month ago, it took another trip, to another tropical land, this time the Philippines, to reacquaint me with chicharrones. I had a chance to have a brief visit in Manila, the sprawling and densely populated capital of the Philippines. As part of my brief two-day stay…

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  1. Pam says:

    Erratum: It’s not DLSU but CSB. And I’m just a teacher.

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