La Boqueria Market Barcelona

La Boqueria market along La Rambla street is pure bliss! I came in search of pimenton de la vera for making my paella. How could I resist a cone of Jamon Serrano and Manchego cheese in Barcelona? The best kind is Jamón Ibérico de Bellota Cinco Jotas. It is special free-range ‘pata negra’ black pigs that feed on sweet acorns and are aged for over two years. There are so many things to taste and buy in this wonderful market. Spices, chocolates, candied nuts, bacalao, and many kinds of tapas. This is a must and true gourmet experience !









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One Response to La Boqueria Market Barcelona

  1. Boqueria is indeed fantastic and I love the place. I visit Barcelona often for food and wine and had a fantastic guided tour of the city last time I was there. Here’s the link to a post I did on that:

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