Foie Gras Sous Vide Method


At the beginning of class, our teacher Dr. Philippe Pouillart offered a minute of silence for the passing of his friend and collaborator Georges Pralus. French chef Georges Pralus is the inventor of vacuum cooking popularly known as sous-vide cooking. In honor of Chef Pralus, Dr. Pouillart showed us how to prepare foie gras using this method. Sous vide keeps the quality, original appearance and optimizes weight loss of the duck liver.

Is foie gras unhealthy? According to Dr. Pouillart of the Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais, it contains the good kind of monosaturated (omega 9) that protects the heart. The French paradox is low incidents of cardiovascular disease despite their love for this gourmet product.

Foie Sous Vide method:
Season foie gras with salt and pepper, vacuum seal and cook in a water bath at 58°C for 47 minutes. Then blast freeze or cold shock. Quickly sear before serving.






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