The Ilocos La Paz Sand Dunes Experience

???????????????????????????????The La Paz Sand Dunes are a strange phenomena, no I was not in Dubai or the Middle East but north of the Philippines.

Ilocos Norte is a province rich in Filipino heritage and great food. The sand dunes offer thrill seekers a unique adventure.

A new addition to my bucket list was sand boarding.  Yes I did it!  And  for the ultimate adrenaline rush, the 4×4 “a la roller coaster”  experience. We were screaming so hard from all the excitement; but when we drove by the beach, I fell silent and was captivated by the breathtaking sunset.

In the end and right before the sun almost disappeared, we all gathered and started lighting lanterns. In the darkness, we released them into the heavens together with our wishes. Magical!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????blog6If you’re look for a tour coordinator, I highly recommend the group of Angel Lao of


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