Palawan’s Chaolong Noodle Houses


After the end of the Vietnam war in 1975, over half-a-million Vietnamese boat people escaped communism and took refuge in Palawan. The Philippine government, together with the UN High Commission for Refugees, helped process Vietnamese relocation to the United States and other countries. The remaining few chose to make Palawan their home. The Vietnamese originally stayed in Puerto Princessa’s Viet Ville. There they introduced noodle houses called Chaolong. These restaurants run by the Vietnamese became popular all over the island. In fact, I had a very nice bowl midway to El Nido in Roxas, then another one on my way home in Puerto Princessa. Chaolong is Palawan’s version of the rice noodle soup called Pho. I have been to Vietnam and it is not quite the same. This local version is more popular as a beef noodle stew. The noodles and the baguette are all freshly made. The bread represents traces of France’s influence on the former IndoChina colony. If you want to try the soup, just ask a tricycle driver to take you to nearest Chaolongan.



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