Batanes Fiddlehead Fern (Pako) Salad


On an early morning, I sit on a blue bench in the lush gardens of Fundacion Pacita, look at the ocean and watch the enchanting sunrise. The landscape is serene and the view is absolutely breathtaking! As I reflect on this tranquility, I find it hard to reconcile the suffering and almost post-apocalyptic devastation caused by typhoon Hiayan in other islands down south. How can mother nature play such awful tricks?

In this northern most part of the Philippines, my friends and I are on a culinary mission to experiment with the local ingredients of Batanes. There is an abundance of fiddlehead fern growing wild. Let’s make some salad!!

Fiddlehead Fern (Pako)Salad

50g fiddlehead fern, cleaned and blanched
50g lettuce
50g goat cheese
30g cherry tomatoes
30g olives
25g onions rings

Vinaigrette (whisk together the ingredients):

30ml balsamic vinegar
70ml extra virgin olive oil
5g mustard
5g minced onions
Salt & pepper

Assemble all salad ingredients, drizzle with dressing just before serving.








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