Surfing lessons at San Juan La Union


La Union province located north of the Philippines is fast becoming a surfer’s paradise. The town of San Juan has a strip of beach resorts offering lessons. The water is nice and warm, the instructors patient, and the waves are gentle for beginners. Surfing lessons cost Php 400 or about US$8 per hour. That price already comes with the surfboard. There are a number of affordable accommodations but if you feel like splurging try Kahuna Beach Resort. For food I recommend a dish called pakbet Ilocos (local version of the vegetable stew ratatouille) at the San Juan Surf Resort. Of course nothing beats a fresh coconut or a bottle of ice cold San Miguel beer by the beach during sunset.

How to get to San Juan La Union: From Manila I took a bus at the Partas station in Cubao. There are buses leaving every hour. Travel time is around seven hours and fare is P450/US$10, Partas is convenient because the bus route passes in front of the resort. Just inform the driver of your stop.







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