A Vancouver Food Trip

20130819-192148.jpgNature and the outdoors are part of the active Canadian lifestyle. Stroll around Stanley park, conquer Grouse Grind, and explore the mountain bike or ski trails of Whistler mountain.

Vancouver has this great multicultural community and so there is an exciting and overwhelming array of food choices. It is easy to get around with their transport system.  Here is a foodie list for people with limited time in this beautiful city:

1. Granville Island – for beer tasting and explore the public market for interesting food stalls

beer tastingbeer tasting22. Gastown – take a picture by the steam clock, then do a pub crawl in this historic area

3. Street food – MUST not miss JapaDog. Yummy Kurobuta sausages with Japanese relish. Sooo good!!! Here is the link to the food trucks downtown. Download http://streetfoodapp.com/vancouver

4. Tim Hortons – the coffee and donuts chain of Canada. Oh try their chili too!

5. Eat all you can sushi – pay only between $13 to $20 and tick-off endlessly on the Japanese menu.

6. Canadian Salmon – can’t leave Canada without eating salmon. The Capilano Salmon Hatchery gives a free tour of their salmon production.wpid-20130705_201816.jpg Lobsters and seafood are also affordable in British Columbia.

wpid-20130705_201659.jpg7. Maple – the maple leaf is the national symbol of Canada. Try all things maple from syrup, taffy, sugar, maple bacon, cookies, etc.

8. Chinese food – lots of Chinese immigrants, wonderful dim sum in Chinatown and almost everywhere!

9. Moose droppings – don’t worry they are just little chocolate balls

10. Cactus Club Café – fine and casual dining for the hip and stylish prepared by Canada’s iron chefs

Some photos from Terence/Marc 🙂

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1 Response to A Vancouver Food Trip

  1. sandradan1 says:

    Never been to Vancouver, but we’re coveting a trip to NW USA and couldn’t miss out this city.

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