Chocolate 101

choco blogThe Belgians are known for the best chocolates  and pralines in the world. One can easily find little artisan chocolate shops while strolling along the old city of Antwerp, or in Grote Markt the central square of Brussels.

A Belgian man once told me “women can forget Belgian men but never our chocolate”.  I guess there was some truth to that! Can chocolates be a substitute for sex? Well if God didn’t make chocolates extremely fattening, maybe women wouldn’t be needing men 🙂

Here’s a little Chocolate 101 about the universe’s most decadent creation:

Chocolate callets – little diskettes of chocolate looking like chocolate chips. It is used for easy tempering.

Couverture – a high quality chocolate with at least 32% cocoa butter. This product has a glossy shine and is used in making pastries or confectioneries.  It is also made into molded chocolates pralines and truffles.

Ganache – is a ratio of chocolate and cream. It is used as a sauce, glaze or icing.

Chocolate Truffle –  are balls of chocolate ganache with  fillings like : tempered chocolate, cococa powder, confectioners’ sugar, nuts, dried fruits and other flavorings.  It is finished by coating the balls with cocoa powder, thus representing the prized culinary fungus from which it got its name.

 Belgian pralines -consist of a hard chocolate shell with a softer filling or liquid filling inside. Examples of liquid fillings are liquor or caramel. Also called  “bonbons”.


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