Paris on a bike in a day for 1 euro

blog1CIMG9769A couple of summers ago I spent two months on a culinary adventure back-packing all over Europe . I was flying out via Paris and had time for only one night and a full day in this grandiose city.blog7

My uncle and his Belgian girlfriend suggested an environmentally and economical way of seeing Paris. The idea was to visit the tourist sites using the Vélib’ public bicycle sharing system. We cycled all over the city but had to give up Sacré-Cœur Basilica as the climb uphill was just too steep!blog3

Vélib’ stations are equipped with an automatic rental terminal and bicycle stands with a locking system. A credit card or debit card with PIN is required to rent the bikes parked in the different stations. To unlock the bikes the PIN number from the subscription is entered.blog8

Unlimited number of half hour free trips can be made per day. When the rental is not returned to a terminal, you are automatically charged 1 for the first exceeding half hour. If a trip lasts longer than 30 minutes, it incurs a charge of €1 to €4 for each subsequent 30-minute period. Here’s the link to the charges:

So the trick was to return the bikes back before the 30 minute period mark. Then we would go site seeing and wait for the half hour lapse before pulling out a new one from another station. Since all our rides did not lasts longer than 30 minutes we were only charged €1 for the whole day.blog6

Of course after all that activity we were terribly hungry. I had canard (duck) salad in a Parisian bistro and then we went to a patisserie for dessert.blog2

The Vélib’ system is an exciting way to see Paris!


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5 Responses to Paris on a bike in a day for 1 euro

  1. nickyab says:

    Bonjour, thanks for the follow. Sounds like an exciting visit..I must drag my hubby back there! x

  2. mel garcia says:

    Hi, Chef Pam!

    Great to see you enjoying with a lot traveling these days!
    Anyways, I’ve wanted to touch base with you again as I have a couple of research endeavors here at DLSU that may need collaboration with you and your students.
    If you’re interested, please do give me a buzz lang so I can call you up. Lost your number already with the old phone. Please email your number. Hope to work with you again!
    Enjoy the rest of the summer break!

    Mel Garcia

  3. jenyapnyc says:

    looks like a great way to see the city and to find hidden gourmet deli..

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