Cambodia on my mind

20130410-005348.jpg20130410-005313.jpgWe took the three day pass to visit the historic monuments of Cambodia. As I walk to the temples a small band of disabled landmine victims play Cambodian folk music. One man lost his limbs and the other an arm. The flute and bamboo xylophone resonates in the background, the melody is very sad and I find myself in the brink of tears.20130410-005240.jpg

My heart is heavy every time I begin to write this piece. I find it difficult to reconcile the pain and suffering of a war ravaged nation, with the magnificence of its ancient civilization and majestic shrines. The temples were once places of worship, but during the oppression they became places of refuge by providing solace and sanctuary.20130410-005420.jpg

Tourist attractions in Siem Reap that shouldn’t be missed:

Angkor Wat – watch the sunrise, then tour the temples while it is still not too hot

Angkor Thom – Bayon (big stone faces), Ta Prohm (old trees with giant roots), Terrace of the Elephants20130410-005438.jpg

Banteay Srei – Citadel made from pink sand and amazing carvings

20130410-005327.jpgBeng Mealea – My favorite and so worth the trip!! This ancient ruin is off the beaten tourist track and is about an hour and a half drive. Pay extra $5 for entrance.

Cambodia has now opened its doors to the world and is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It is hot and humid but so full of adventure just like the scenes in the Lara Croft movie. Cost to visit the temples are USD$20/ 2-day and USD$ 40/ 3-day pass.
Bring plenty of water, use a hat and sun block.



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4 Responses to Cambodia on my mind

  1. Joseph Michael says:

    Love the photography! Awesome blog!

  2. oreliamae says:

    Beautiful photography! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking a recent post. 😉

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