Culinary micro greens and edible flowers


Top (left to right): Micro Sunflower, micro tatsoi, micro cilantro
Bottom: Micro arugula, micro beets, micro radish

During the last culinary competition our team was in desperate need of micro greens. Luckily at the convention hall where the event was taking place, there was a booth supplying edible flowers and micro greens. So I visited the DOWN TO EARTH stall and marveled at the produce from Bukidnon. The staff was even kind and patient enough to let me take photographs.

The original intention of this article was to educate readers on micro greens identification, but as I read the company literature I became fascinated with their adapted concept of biodynamic farming. It is different from organic farming as this approach considers the “interconnectedness” of all aspects of the whole farm making it sustainable.I think they are doing a great job and I hope to visit this place someday.

Website :
Where to buy micro greens in Manila Philippines :

Edible flowers(left to right) top: Borage flowers, hibiscus buds
Bottom row : impatiens, arugula flowers



Top (left to right): Schezuan button, blue pea
Bottom: Wild pea, butterfly pea

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