The Ateliers of Spiral’s Sofitel Manila


Spiral reopened late year, I can attest that it is STILL the best and longest buffet in town. Three hours of eating is not even enough to conquer all that selection of food! The ingenuity of this buffet restaurant is the concept of 21 ateliers (French for workshop). It emphasizes on quality and freshness by preparing food in small batches and upon demand. Excitingly production areas which were once found at the back-of-the-house are now in full view of guests. It is a showcase of Chefs as artists at work with food as their craft.

The station highlights are: the l’écailler section features lobsters,

oysters, salmon, prawns, crabs, sushi, sashimi and other seafood. The l’épicerie is an encased glass room with a high tech electronic door; it doubles as a temperature regulated storage area and a serving room for charcuterie, smoked fish and artisan cheese. I just love the smell of all that stinking cheese! Meat lovers will surely like the new churassco kitchen and my personal favorites the French & foie gras stations. There’s also the la boulangerie, la patisserie, and chocolaterie (chocolate room) for the sweet-tooth.

I could go on and on but I’ll leave you now with a food coma….


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