The Cashew Nuts of Coron

On horseback at the forest trails of Coron Palawan, I saw cashew trees growing in the wild. On this island a local lady named Lita Escarda has made popular the processing of cashew nuts. We visited her shop called Coron Harvest near the port. She gladly gave us a tour of the cashew nut production which is literally a backyard industry. She explains that the nuts are cut in half, but the difficult part is removing them from the shells because they can harm the skin. The shells have very high acid content, if extracted the oils may be used for wart removal and brake pads. The cashew nuts she turns into a culinary delight by preparing them the traditional way called “bandi” or sun dried, or cooked toasted, with garlic, or into a fine brittle.






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5 Responses to The Cashew Nuts of Coron

  1. sybaritica says:

    It just struck me … I’ve been eating cashews all my life but, until now, I’d never seen a picture of one in the shell!

  2. menchie quintal says:

    Wish to go coron & see for myself how this fruit being process, i love cashew nuts!

  3. menchie quintal says:


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