Culion Palawan a side trip

Like a ritual, I have been in the same place and always during the same time for several years now. Coron island in Palawan Philippines is my paradise and happy place. This trip I requested the dive boat to take us on a side trip to Culion island. It has an old Spanish church and small fort. The island was a leprosarium during the American occupation. There are no more lepers as the disease has been eradicated. All that remains is a museum and the historic hospital still functions to service the locals. After visiting this little town, we went back to the ocean and did two more wreck dives. Dinner was crabs, cuttlefish and freshly caught fish from the market. Great day! Here I am always happy 😉




Photos from Analyn



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3 Responses to Culion Palawan a side trip

  1. Al salir del colegio me encontré con Iván, y más feliz que una
    lombriz decidí compartir mi idea con él.

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