Halloween Treats

Here are some great Halloween recipes made by my Garde Manger class for their midterm exams. Some of the ideas are taken from blogs, books and the students’ own creativity. We had a lot of fun preparing the scary goodies.  Great job guys! Trick or treat!

  1. Hard-boiled egg  eyeballs – cooked egg  is sliced in half, yolk is spread with mayonnaise with red food color and “eyeballs” are stuffed with olives






2. Octopus and worms with mucus – slice foot-long hotdogs into the shape of an octopus and into strips for worms. Make scrambled egg, color green using  food color for the mucus.
3. Graham ube coffins –  Cut Graham crackers into the shape of coffins, spread top with ube jam
4.Bread fingers – flatten a piece of bread,  fill with strawberry jam and roll. From fingers and use almonds to create fake nails.








5. Scary burger canapés with worms and eyeballs – make burger patties and mix with enoki mushrooms to represent the worms. Grill and top on a thin slice of bread. Drizzle with catsup for fake blood, use a cocktail onion stuffed with olives for the eyes.

6. Angel hair spaghetti with scary meatballs – Make spaghetti Pomodoro or Bolognese and toss in angel hair pasta so the noodles will appear to be worms. Top with meat balls with “eyes ” of  cocktail onions and black olives.








7. Breaded monster fish  fingers – Slice fish to the size of fingers. Do basic breading procedure of flour, egg and breadcrumbs; deep fry.  Decorate with almond sticks for claws.

8. Mummy hotdogs– wrap top and end part of cocktail hotdogs with lumpia wrapper or filo dough cut into strips like bandages. Bake or fry, don’t forget to put mustard eyes before serving.








9. Cream cheese bats with nachos – cream cheese with garlic and parsley shaped into balls, rolled into a crust of chopped nuts and parsley. Use nachos for wings and olives for eyes.

10. Coffin canapes – flattened whole wheat bread  shaped into coffins, add cream cheese filling. Use roasted bell peppers to make crosses.







13. Vodka gummy worms in graves – dip gummy worms in vodka. Once absorbed they look innocent! Make a grave with crushed Oreo and chocnut.

14. Cauliflower brains – blanch the florets in water with red food color. Serve on a piece of bread with dressing.

15. Tombstone rice krispies – combine marshmallows and rice krispies in a pan and cook until they become very sticky. Shape into tombstones and set 0n wax paper.


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5 Responses to Halloween Treats

  1. kz says:

    these are so cool! ^^

  2. Margarita says:

    These look like fun…and some of them are even appetizing. Happy Halloween!

  3. laubao says:

    Fantastic!!! I made something similar years ago…but not all of them! These are such good ideas and look wonderful!
    And thank you for your “like” notification on my blog!

  4. rosybubble says:

    These look great! Unfortunate I missed Halloween 😦
    Thanks for the like on my blog to!

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