Chilean Seabass Sous-vide

Sometimes chefs are like little kids playing with kitchen toys. This week for our lesson on poaching it was the vacuum machine and the sous-vide apparatus. On the menu was Chilean seabass with infused oils, caper cream sauce and served with risotto. The fish fillets were marinated in different infused oils and lemon slices. They were cooked in the sous-vide machine for 20 minutes at  51.40 degrees Celsius. Sous-vide is French for under the vacuum. Cooking at such low temperatures makes food juicier and evenly cooked. Yum!













Thank you Chef Jester Arellano for setting up the machine and the infused oils.


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5 Responses to Chilean Seabass Sous-vide

  1. LacieFacie says:

    I think I am going to try this! mmmmm

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