Sunday brunch at Antonio’s Tagaytay

An hour’s drive from the city to lush gardens, cooler breeze and a hidden restaurant..
Mesclun salad and chicken breast served with cider yogurt dressing and shaved Parmesan
Foie gras raclette pizza with grapes
Portobello pasta with truffle cream sauce! Two glasses of Pinot. Great Sunday!








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7 Responses to Sunday brunch at Antonio’s Tagaytay

  1. This look familiar, I remember a friend brought us for lunch stop over (on our way to the Tagatay spa/resort) it was a garden eating place a bit look like this, but I did not remember the name. Is it the one with a organic garden ? Or probably there are many places similar to this at Tagatay?

  2. arlene1027 says:

    I miss this place, would love to come back one day!

  3. Kate Johnson says:

    Thnks for nice post.

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