Coffee and Dutch stroopwafels

It is summer in Europe but monsoon time in Asia. Halfway across the world, the rain is a downpour. I am turning melancholy as I have a nice hot cup of coffee. I just consumed a pack of stroopwafels and it triggered this memory.  I savor each bite as I taste the delicious warm filing of caramel and cinnamon.  I feel guilty about the calories but it’s just too delicious and excellent to pair with coffee.  Sinful and exciting just like Amsterdam.

My Dutch foodie adventure:

1. Stroopwafels – thin caramel syrup waffles








2. Poffertjes – little Dutch pancakes






3. Pannekoeken (crepes)






4. Herring –  to eat hold the raw or pickled fish by tail and dangle it into your mouth








5. Rijsttafel – meaning “rice table”. Indonesia was once a Dutch colony during the spice trade and this is their influence. It consists of a selection of many Indonesian dishes in small portions. The spread below was just for two people!








Like stroopwafels…November he was sweet.
And like a sugar rush, thinking about our moments still makes me smile and my heartbeat skip a beat.
We met in one of those soul searching trips. The conversation started with my book which he had already read. He was a fellow traveler and so we exchanged adventure stories instead.  
He was gorgeous but what was really attractive was his being intellectual and funny.  
It was a blissful time well spent as we shared the same hobby.
Then our journey from that place had to begin again and so we parted as friends.
Time and distance later made us strangers once more.
Constantly updated, shy online, so we chose to ignore.


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