Boracay and Solana’s Sunset

Even if I live in the city… I always feel blessed to be a hop and skip away from paradise. So this February I had a chance to sneak off to Boracay.

Boracay is rated as one of the best beaches in the world. Here you can find fine powder white sand and calm waters so clear that you could still see your toes waist deep.

The island offers a wide range of choices for accommodations, restaurants, spa treatments, activities, diving and waters sports. The nightlife makes it such a great place to party! Boracay is fun because there is always something for everyone.

My Boracay Restaurant Guide

Perhaps one of the best places on the island is the Shangri-la Boracay Resort. True to the meaning of the word “Shangri-la”…this place is no imaginary utopia but an existing paradise with the five star works.

The Shangri-la’s Solana bar is a peaceful and secluded hideaway. The cabana arranged for us had a fantastic view of the beach. This was also the best spot to watch the sun disappear into the vast ocean. It was happy hour so we had free flowing Sangria and the bar nibbles kept on coming. Chef S even sent us some wonderful tapas. The place was so romantic! The sunset was perfect. It could have been a dreamy magical moment If only….

Anyway Boracay is known today as the best kite surfing destination in Asia. And after a swim there is nothing like lying on the beach while reading a book and drinking ice cold San Miguel beer!! C’est la vie !


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  1. skyradical says:

    Guys, you can try for a list of hotels in boracay!

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