My 2012 resolutions

1.  I resolve to take the stairs instead of the elevator
2.  I resolve to avoid cola and drink more fresh fruit juices and water
3.  I resolve to be more generous and leave bigger tips
4.  I resolve to use cash instead of credit cards
5.  I resolve to go to the mall only if I really need to buy something
6.  I resolve to go green…take mass transportation or walk when I can
7.  I resolve to get away from the city every chance possible to travel
8.  I resolve to take time out to catch up with at least one old friend every month
9.  I resolve to be more spontaneous, take risks, try new things, embrace uncertainty and the unfamiliar
10. I resolve to choose my battles and see the good in other people FIRST in any situation
11. I resolve not let traffic affect me

12. I resolve to  give a 100% instead of my normal 110%
13. I resolve to smile more and remember names
14. I resolve to call my family abroad more often
15. I resolve to take time to make “small talk” with people of all walks of life
16. I resolve to always give my loved ones a kiss before parting
17. I resolve to date because discovering friends is fun
18. I resolve to spend less in fancy restaurants and cook more for others
19.  I resolve to take more time to  meditate, pray, or simply be
20. I resolve to love ALL my students, the good and bad all deserve a chance


About Pam

Teacher, cook, foodie, wanderlust
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