Chef Syd’s Kitchen

I am no food critique but I do enjoy eating out a lot and understand the technicalities of how food is prepared.  When I try a restaurant I come unannounced, incognito, pay for my bill, and never accept payment or favors for making a review.  In principle I would never talk ill about establishments that may have disappointed me. ..nor would I ever blog about a restaurant with substandard  food even if I knew the owner.  I honestly think that when I recommend a place it must be really good and worth mentioning.

Today I had lunch at Syd’s Kitchen so allow me to rave about it. I am not writing because Chef Syd is a colleague and an alumni but because I believe his restaurant has a lot of potential and the food is really good. I am hardly in Banawe in Quezon City…. Syd’ s Kitchen  is a gem in a haystack of  over a hundred restaurants to choose from in the area.  His food is a refreshing modern take on Asian and Chinese cuisine.  I so love the kikiam, salt and pepper pork, fish in XO sauce, and the green tea cheesecake. The prices are also very reasonable considering the portion size and food quality.

Dishes meant for sharing range from P150-P250 pesos only.


Sydney also trained in Le Cordon Bleu Australia and has worked for the  Shangri-la group of hotels. He is very hands-on in the kitchen. His wife Anna is also a hotelier and helps in  the business. Delicious food, nice presentation, and well-trained staff makes dining in their restaurant a pleasant experience.

The place has a small sign so drive slowly along Banawe or you might miss it. The best landmark would be near Sogo hotel and Causway restaurant.

I didn’t have a camera today so the photos are from Syd’s FB page.

Syd’s Kitchen


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One Response to Chef Syd’s Kitchen

  1. Pam says:

    Sorry place is now closed, Chef Syd now lives in Austalia.

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