Things to do in Bohol

One of the nice islands to visit down south is Bohol. I took the plane from Cebu and then a ferry to Bohol. I like Bohol because it has five-star diving, beautiful beaches, offers a variety of eco-tourism sites, and has the infrastructure to make it a sustainable tourism destination.

So here is my short list of things to do in Bohol:

1. See the Chocolate Hills in Carmen and pass through the enchanting man-made forest of Blair to get there.
2. Frolic along the beaches of Alona and even have a massage over-looking the ocean!

4. Take the Loboc river cruise while enjoying the buffet on the boat. Then stop over the river banks to get serenaded by the locals.

5.Hold the little Tarsier in the palm of your hand.

6. Dive in Balicasag Island. Rated five star and one of the best diving destinations in  the world.

7. Visit historic sites like Baclayon church, the Blood Compact Musem, and more churches…

8.Explore Bohol Bee Farm. Then have coconut milk ice cream with flavors like durian, lemon grass, malunggay, pandan and served in cassava cones.

8.  Taste the many uses of  their favorite root-crop UBE or  purple yam:


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  1. Chamae says:

    Nice shadings! I am looking for cooking and massage programs in The Philippines. Thx mucho, Chamae

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