The Filipino heritage houses of Bataan

Looking for another weekend adventure we set off to drive north.  This time our itinerary was lunch at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac Bataan, the turtle sanctuary or pawikan center in Morong, and then took the coastal route back to Subic bay free port for some shopping.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a project of the New San Jose Builders. They have realized the architectural value and have done a remarkable job of restoring old,  dilapidated and sometimes forgotten ancestral homes. The houses have been transported, rebuilt, restored  and reconstructed piece by piece from different parts of the country.  In fact each of the 27 houses in this Bagac property is named after their place of origin.  For a nostalgic experience the houses can be rented out like a hotel.

This resort is unique because it is a living museum that educates you back to the majestic glory days of Filipino architecture. Their staff are even dressed in Filipiniana for a complete feel of living in the past.

They have several day tour packages ranging from P1200 to P1500. We opted to take the P650 per person entrance fee which includes a walking tour of the heritage houses.

For lunch we decided to order from the menu. Bataan’s cuisine is very similar and borrows from the rich cuisine of its neighbor Pampanga. The  resort and restaurant  is managed by the Genesis hotel group so the food was restaurant quality and reminded me of Manila Hotel. The items on the menu are big sharing portions good for 3-5 people. We had kare-kare P600, pork binagoongan P270, pritong hito P340, tortang talong P125, rice P30 each, brazo P115, coffee P80, and halo-halo P270. It was a good lunch or maybe we were just so hungry from all that walking.

How to get to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar form Manila:

  1. Take NLEX
  2. Exit Dau to SCTEX
  3. At SCTEX (towards Subic) exit Dinalupihan
  4. From SCTEX exit turn right towards Balanga
  5. Follow the signs to Bagac

Toll one way is around  P313

Pawikan center or turtle sanctuary in Morong is 30-45 minutes away. (The best time to go is in November during turtle egg laying season). Then for shopping in Subic we recommend  Royal Duty Free mall.


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