Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management

What’s new?  Starting this term I will no longer be program chair of the culinary department. After almost six years I leave it a well oiled machine and hand the reins over to Chef Kristine to start a new program. I still teach culinary for the undergrad and would not give that up for my heart will always be in the kitchen.  I have moved to a slightly bigger office (still at the 8th floor) to head the newly established Master(s) in Hospitality and Tourism Management.   In the MSTHM program one can major in culinary management, hospitality management, or  tourism.  That’s right…. we have a new HRM master’s degree program! First in CSB!  It’s already CHED approved but we are still fixing it thru industry consultation so that the courses are hybrid and more innovative. You can start applying through the admissions office if you already have two years working experience and would like to further pursue your studies. You may also call 521-5848 for inquiries. The first intake will be in June 2012.

MSTHM Program

Application schedule

Admission requirements


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4 Responses to Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management

  1. I’m was trying to consider to enroll for a graduate school (masters) lately, and I search some schools where can I be qualified, but some of them has a requirement to have a 2years work experience and that frustrates me a little bit cause I only have 1 yr experience as a real employee in the industry, Then suddenly i saw your blog, it excites me, but then CSB has the same qualifications to the other school that I inquire at. (so still I’m not qualified yet) 😦

  2. Maria says:

    Hi Chef Pam, Maria here, I was in your ASIACU2 class a few terms back. I am so amazed with the changes in school! Last time I was there, I saw the new lobby full of mirrors! I didn’t know you kept a blog, and it’s a really good read, makes me miss CSB more. Hopefully I get to visit the places you’ve blogged about. Happy new year and God bless! 🙂

  3. Jack Garcia says:

    HI PAM! didn’t know you had a blog. 🙂

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