Batangas bubbly

I celebrated my birthday quietly this year by spending a restful out-of-town weekend with some of my dearest friends. Peachy brought us to their family’s very beautiful horse farm in Lipa Batangas.

We went on a quest to find authentic Batangueno food for lunch. Then in the evening I prepared dinner while the guys grilled meat.  Gelo’s surprise was a bottle of  my much-loved champagne Veuve Clicquot!  In the company of wonderful friends,  good food, lots of wine, we toasted with my favorite bubbly to a major milestone….

Our foodie adventure was feasting on  hardcore Batangas dishes. Number one on the list was lomi. It is the ultimate Bantagueno comfort food and is found in almost every corner of this province.

Lomi -is a hearty and filling soup made with large mikki noodles, pork, and  optional ingredients like ham, kikiam, shrimps, and liver. A slurry of cornstarch or cassava flour is mixed into the pork broth called caldo. Then a beaten egg is added to further thicken the consistency of the soup just before serving. Topped with fried garlic, spring onions, and calamansi.

Sinaing na tulingan –  is traditionally cooked in a clay-pot. It is made by layering banana leaves, tulingan or tambakol ( mackerel tuna), pork fat, and dried kamias (souring agent). Water is added and the dish is cooked for at least four hours or sometimes even half a day.

Maliputo – is another kind of fish used that is found in taal lake

Ginataang tulingan -mackerel tuna that is cooked in coconut milk and chilies. So yummy!!!

Esaladang labanos at mustasa – a salad of pickled radish and mustard leaves. Made by slicing the radish very thinly with a peeler. Both the radish and young mustard leaves are cured  in a salt brine to remove the strong pungent taste. The salt water is then rinsed away. The salad is seasoned with vinegar, salt, pepper and a little sugar.

Tablea tsokolate (cocoa or chocolate tablets) – round chocolate balls in brown bags found along the highway. A wooden beater called a batidor is used to create foam while preparing the drink.

tsokolate eh – thick and rich chocolate drink. The espresso version is served in a small cup.

tsokolate ah – is the watered down chocolate drink

kapeng barako –  good and strong coffee made from Liberica beans. Lipa had a very strong economy from coffee plantations during the Spanish occupation.

Peachy brought a coffee siphon but we couldn’t figure out how to use it!  duh!! hahaha! Thank you for a wonderful weekend. God is good!


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