Iloilo-Guimaras-Bacolod (part2): The mango orchards of Guimaras

At 5:30 am from Iloilo I took a twenty-minute ferry to Guimaras island for the Manggahan (Mango) festival. All it took was P30 pesos for a boat ride to Jordan port and then I was in Mango Country. Here the mango orchards produce perhaps the sweetest and best mangoes in the world. It is so good that it is exported abroad making it difficult to find in our local market. Having eaten the prized succulent Guimaras mangoes on this island has been another life goal achieved for a foodie like myself.

Guimaras  boasts of its pristine and virgin beaches. In fact Taklong island has a national marine reserve but sadly not a single dive shop in the island. This place is hardly commercialized. Life is very simple and very laid back. It was a refreshing break from city life.  Mountain biking trails in the middle of nature have also made the place popular for Ilonggos.

On the island can also be found the Trappist Monastery. The Benedictine Abbey  monks

support themselves by producing and selling mango, guava, and calamansi jams. Mango bars, dried mangoes, and various delicacies are also made. The monastery is such a peaceful place for the weary soul.

We stayed in La Puerta Al Paraizo located in Buenavista. The resort if fairly new with first class facilities. The rooms are airconditioned, nice beds, clean toilets,  and have breath-taking views of the ocean. The only problem is getting good telecom signal in the whole island.

La Puerta


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  1. Happy to discover your blog and come across another fellow Filipino blogger! I enjoyed your post — The Philippine mango is certainly the best in the world. More power! 🙂

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