Boracay Food Trip

It has been over six years since I last visited Boracay. I flew in to celebrate my brother’s birthday with my family. When I got there I was really surprised to see so many new hotels and restaurants. They even have Starbucks in Boracay! The white sands and this island party place makes it one of the best beaches in the world.

So here’s our Boracay island food trip guide ( in no particular order):

1. Real Coffee – for the calamansi muffins. Calamansi belongs to the citrus family and is a local substitute for lemon (station 1). Muffins are P45 a piece. It is a nice tucked away breakfast place.

2.Jonah’s milk shake –  Mango shake the best, and also interesting to try is the peanut and chocolate with banana (Station 1)

3. Talipapa (meaning market)  – Dampa style of cooking is very popular in the Philippines. This means going to the market and buying fresh seafood. Then the nearby rows of restaurants will prepare it with a corresponding cooking fee. We recommend Pamanga’s Taste Boracay Fiesta for the garlic shrimps.(Station 2)

Note: For dinner come to the market at around 5:30 to be able to get a good selection of seafood like lobsters, oysters, crabs, and prawns. They are sold quickly and the dampa style restaurants get full right away.

4. Andok’s – Andok stalls are found all over. They make great and inexpensive default food for large groups of people. Their specialty is litson manok (roast chicken), grilled liemp (pork belly), and cripy pata (fried pork knuckles). I don’t why but Andok’s taste better in Boracay than in Manila.

5. For pizza Stephen likes Two Seasons (station 2). I also like Da Mario Pizzeria located at the end of  Station 3. After all it was the first Italian restaurant in the island. Half Italian owner Veronica is also our alumna.

6. Mymy choriburger – found in front of the entrance of D’mall has the best choriburger. (Station 2)

7. Mama’s Austrian and German restaurant – Yapak the back street going towards Shangri-la for goulash (Station 1)

8. Smokes – for rice toppings fried cripy bulalo and rice toppings (D Mall)

9. Lemoni Café – for gourmet sandwiches, salads, and great desserts (D Mall)

10. Island Inasal authentic Bacolod Chicken- (nearby Mang Inasal restaurant is always full but this place is better). Inasal is grilled chicken marinated in lemon grass and palm vinegar.

9.  Deco’s original La Paz Batchoy (noodle soup) together with puto Manapla (rice cake)

10. Rima – Shangri-la Boracay’s Italian restaurant for something fancy

11. Halo-halo at the Boracay Regency. Not bad for P150 pesos. The owners the Choseuy brothers are also our alumni.

12. Dos Mestizos – Tito Binggoy Remedios has a bigger restaurant now. His Paella is still the best in the island. Nice to have tapas and wine there too with live classical guitar entertainment.

13. Restaurant Alchemy – Chef Joshua Boutwood amazes us by  reaping culinary awards during the last PCC….leaving  Manila chefs in awe. Who is this new kid on the block with the dreadlocks team???

14. Other old time favourites still there are: Aria, Paradiso Grill… Cyma and Gastof ribs tastes bettter in Boracay also than in Manila.

For night life all in Station 2:

1. Juice Bar – for great company, good music, and great bartenders. “Out” are the 15 shooter drinks and “in” now are the stacked up glasses to make flaming tower drinks .

2. Epic – for club music and dancing

3.Pat’s Creek to chill with acoustic band

4. Summer Place – if you’re on the prowl

Thanks to our graduate Stephen Almeda for being my local food trip guide. Stephen has been working as a pastry Chef in Shangri-la Boracay since the resort opened. He makes the best flour-less chocolate cake which I miss so dearly because he moved and embraced island living. It was also  good to see our  other alumni and trainees ! Happy birthday to my Brother Marc. Thanks for the Bora treat!


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5 Responses to Boracay Food Trip

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  2. Sashi says:

    Bookmarked! Thanks for sharing these tips! Just by reading it parang naeexcite ako pumunta ng Bora. I’m hoping na this year eh makatapak na ako dyan hahaah…
    Thanks again!

  3. kenrich450 says:

    Great list! Next time you are in town check out our Boracay Cooking Class.

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