Passion and Reason

I have always been a believer of regional cuisine and the “slow foods” philosophy. I support the  farm to restaurant movement. I believe if we ate less processed food the world would be a healthier place.

The top three 2010 restaurants in the world today are Noma (Denmark), El Bulli (Spain), and Fat Duck (UK). These restaurants are advocates of Molecular Gastronomy (MG). Initially I was skeptic about Molecular Gastronomy, but looking at the list of top restaurants I began to wonder what MG had to offer. Have we lagged behind?

So for the past months I have been studying the topic like a nerd. Chef Kim Castillo and her team of students have been experimenting on new dishes like mad scientists.

Feb 10 is the opening of Chefs on Parade 2011 at the SMX.  At 11:00am I will be giving a collaborative talk on Molecular Gastronomy together with Dr. Marissa Noel and Mel Garcia of the DLSU Chemistry department. Then Chef  Kim and her team will be doing the cooking demonstration. We will be making ice cream using liquid nitrogen,  create foams, and introduce new textures.  So if you are interested…please come and join us!

Photos from Mike Ajero


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7 Responses to Passion and Reason

  1. Nielson says:

    Hi chef pam! I’m looking forward to see that. 🙂

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  3. Mady says:

    Hi Chef Pam, is there a school here in the Philippines where I can learn more about Molecular Gastronomy? Thanks!

  4. Pristine says:

    As I was googling for molecular gastronomy classes in the Philippines, I saw your post. I was wondering if you know any school for molecular gastronomy now here in Manila? Thank you!

  5. I’m researching about molecular gastronomy in the Philippines can you give some reference to know more about molecular gastronomy? Thank you

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