The Breakfast Club

I don’t think I’ve ever drunk champagne before breakfast before.  With breakfast on several occasions, but never before before.”  ~From the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961

On weekends “me” time is breakfast. I have it with my breakfast club and there are certain times I like to go by myself.

When I go solo I like to go to our nearby Starbucks and have a caffe latte with a sausage roll. This Starbucks is quiet and most people come alone. It is great to unwind with a cup of coffee while reading the paper. Here I enjoy reading in peace. Another breakfast place I like is  Le Coeur de France. Honestly they have better coffee than Starbucks.

Ahhh! Heaven is  crispy croissants, brie, and a cappuccino for breakfast!!! I love butter croissants but they are around 400 calories a piece! I love croissants for nostalgic reasons, so eating them has to be worth the extra pounds. Aside from hotels it has been difficult  for me to find crispy and flaky ones in Manila. Then I stumbled into the Alexandre French Bakery  at the Fort. In my opinion this authentic boulangerie has the best croissants in town. Since then it has been my secret breakfast place… A good breakfast is always a great way to start the day.



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Teacher, cook, foodie, wanderlust
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One Response to The Breakfast Club

  1. Hey Pam!
    I am an Obieta too!
    Stefan Paolo Obieta Suarez.

    Found your blog because it pinged the Alexandre website (which I am in charge of!) … thanks for writing about us!

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