2011 A Good Year

“A Good Year” is one of my favorite movies staring Russell Crowe. The movie was shot in epicurean Provence at the heart of the vineyards of the South of France. What does “a good year” really mean? In oenology or wine making “a good year” is described as a year were all wine growing conditions are met. Proper terrain, enough sunlight, not too much rain or snow, no pests or problems…a good harvest of grapes needed to produce best quality wines.

Perhaps in life “a good year” would mean a lot of love, a loving family, good health, quality time to be able to enjoy life, wonderful friends, wisdom, a good career, financial blessings, inner peace, and the right love. I would also add travel as a condition for a better perspective of the world. We reap what we sow but we should also pray that that we will be

blessed with enough sunshine and rain, and enough of whatever it takes to make our vines grow bountiful and stronger.

2010 was a very good year for me. I may have missed out on a few points but I am hoping
that 2011 will turn out to be exceptional. So happy new year! Wishing you the abundance of the universe and an exceptional vintage!


About Pam

Teacher, cook, foodie, wanderlust
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