A chefs table at Chef’s Table

For Christmas our chefs gathering was held at Chef Bruce Lim’s new restaurant Chef’s Table at the Fort. Congratulations Bruce! You finally have your own restaurant!!

The new location is at the ground floor of the Infinity Tower, 26th Street Fort Bonifacio. It is close to Serendra and is very easy to find. Once you enter… you can tell that the owner of the restaurant is a chef with the huge kitchen. I love the open kitchen and bar concept. Funny his staff also sports the same bald look. The menu is Filipino fusion with an interesting play on Philippine regional flavors. The food is reflective of his travels all over the country. So going through each of the dishes is like an adventure.The Davao salad is a winner! Loved also the pulled pork with laing and the aligue rice.

I am a big fan of Asian Food Channel’s Chef Bruce Lim not because he is a celebrity  chef but because he is  a real promoter and believer of Filipino cuisine.  He is a big man with a big heart. Chef Bruce is so down-to-earth even if he is so far the only Filipino chef to have an international cooking show. He always takes time out for our students despite his busy schedule. So like him…..his new restaurant is  Filipino fine dining without the snobbery. The place is casual, mood is relaxed,  and the prices are very affordable.

Chef’s Table Manila location


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