Happy 2010!

2009 was one big adventure and a real blast! Traveled the world, went on a culinary adventure, tasted everything possible, helped save a nation, met so many new people and made new friends, did new things, cooked with love, and loved recklessly!  Loved every minute of 2009…. with no regrets! Life is meant to be lived!  To those who touched my life thank you so much! A happy 2010 to everyone! May you be blessed with the abundance of the universe!


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4 Responses to Happy 2010!

  1. dudut says:

    hey chef how you doing? hows csb? is it possible to ask you for a tiramisu recipe? procedure and recipe if possibe? i am planning to serve it on a regular re wine glass. thanks chef! regards to shrim and sir gil especially

  2. admin says:

    Our SGH recipe has no eggs (to prevent salmonella). Ratio is 3:1, thats 3 parts cream to 1 part cream cheese (or mascarpone). Whip them together and gradually add sugar to taste. Then dip your lady fingers into brewed coffee and kahlua. In a nice serving container alternate the layers of the broas, the cream mixture, and the powdered cocoa. Chill before serving. I’ll see you very soon!

  3. dudut says:

    you goin to nyc this year? cause i alredy moved to NM a year n a half ago chef. but JS and FELIX still works in NYC. so how do i put it on a wine glass? can you show me an image pls? thanks chef

  4. admin says:

    Dudut hope to see you, Felix, and JS end of March! Yipee!

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