Bouillabaisse in Marseilles

This blog of mine is inspired by National Geographic’s book  “Food Journeys of a Lifetime”. On that book’s list is to have real Bouillabaisse in Marseilles where the dish originated. Cousin Cinnamon was kind enough to drive from Istres to  Vieux Port in Marseilles.  Cin even ordered Rose wine with the dish to complete the experience. Thanks to her I can now say I had real Bouillabaisse in historic Marseilles.

Interesting to know is that the French Chefs signed a charter to define the ingredients of an authentic Bouillabaisse. Rascasse (scorpoinfish), congre(eel), red gurnard, and John Dory fish are the four main ingredients that should be present to consider the dish authentic.  It should also be served with  rouille (a mayonnaise like sauce with peppers or cayenne) on a crust of bread.

French macaroons for our dessert


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  1. Shame on me ! I’m from Marseilles, and I have NEVER tasted a bouillabaisse, ha ha (but I do enjoy macaroons !). Thanks for the “Like” !

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