Ice cream in the medieval town of Miramas

Summer in France is 38 degrees! Almost as hot as the tropical Philippine Islands were I come from. So to cool off I am treated to ice cream in the quaint and well persevered medieval town of Miramas.  When I get there I realize why my Italian fashion photographer cousin Alessandro Fuentebella Rabonni loves the place. It is situated on a mountain top and has an outstanding view of Istres and the Mediterranean Sea. My glaces (ice cream) order arrives and it is bigger than a water pitcher. Oh my! It is made up of vanilla, chocolate, chocolate sauce, chantilly (whipped cream historically invented by Chef Vatel), lavender and violet glaces. And for something really French it is topped with Calisson. Heavenly and divine to have during such hot weather… and guess what I finished it!!!!

From wikipedia:  Calissons are a traditional French candy consisting of a smooth, pale yellow, homogeneous paste of candied fruit (especially melons and oranges) and ground almonds topped with a thin layer of white icing (royal glaze). Calissons have a texture not unlike that of marzipan, but with a fruitier, distinctly melon-like flavor. Calissons are almond-shaped and are typically about two inches in length. Calissons are traditionally associated with the town of Aix-en-Provence, France; consequently, most of the world supply of calissons are still made in the Provence region.


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