A Degustation of French Olive Oils

olive1The South of France is known for their olive oil.  My gourmand aunt brought the family to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence for some olive oil tasting. This was a real treat for me since I teach garde manger in school. One of the topics in that class is learning how to make different kinds of vinaigrette and infused oils. olive2

I have been to quite a number of wine tastings but a degustation of oilve oils was a first for me.  The format was very similar but instead we were given little tasting spoons and pieces of bread so we could sample the eight different concoctions one by one.  First pure olive oil, then we were made to try the infused ones like truffle oil and later the different pulpy and fruity vinagrettes.  Also part of the selection was trying olive, mushroom, and truffle tapenade.

olive3olive5In our family food is taken seriously. Here my nephews  and nieces are starting their gourmet lessons at a very young age.


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