The markets of Gordes Provence


Since time in memorial TUESDAY morning is known as market day in Gordes.  Gordes is a very beautiful mountain village located in the area of Luberon in Provence France. The village has a castle and the view from the mountain top is fantastic! In the surrounding plains below one can get a glimpse of the beautiful lavender fields, olive trees orchards, and the vineyards. The lavender fields were already harvested when I arrived in August to my disappointment. However market day compensated for upon see all the produce and food products…. I felt like I was in culinary heaven!!!

gordesMarket day with Jude Orlino, Alessandro Rabboni, Serena Sabatini, Cinnamon and Axelle Van Besauw, Francesca Rabboni, Flavio, Gian Pa0lo Rabboni with Jennifer, Elsja Borromeo and kids, and Jay Orlino at the cafe and location of Russel Crowe’s movie “A Good Year” was filmed in Gordes. (Cedric and Jasmine Van Besauw, Sam, Claire Proctor were also with us but not in the picture.  Sadly group photo was taken by fashion photographer Jackie Borromeo, the summer before he passed away.  )

Here is what market day looks like in Gordes:CIMG0435CIMG0437

Wheels of French cheeses, French olive oil, terrines and patespatecheese

French sausages like Saucisson (French Salami), Merguez (lamb sausages), Boudin (fully cooked sausages), etc…sausages

Cantalope mellons from Cavaillon are the sweetest!

Different soaps made from lavander and other scentssoap

The herbs of Provence (mixture of thyme, chervil,  rosemary, savory, lavender, tarragon, marjoram)herbs


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3 Responses to The markets of Gordes Provence

  1. Mike McDonald says:

    I have had the same experience as you and I have to say, it was one of the most enjoyable and memorable events of my life. Gordes. Aaahhhh. Oh yes. I spent one week of sheer bliss and happiness there. I fell in love with it. If I ever hit the lottery, I’m definitely going to buy a small house perched somewhere up on that hill, overlooking the Luberon Valley. I want to smell the lavender and herbs blowing up from the wind once again. I could be very happy there with the peaceful and sublime scenery and sincere warmth of the people. Gordes is one of the most magical and wonderful place on this planet and I love it madly!! Anyone who loves art and beauty and who has a soul would.

    Mike McDonald

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Mike! Being there was like a dream. Hope you get that little house of yours someday 🙂

  3. Orlino, Ginger L. says:

    Hello to my Brothers and Sister and my nieces!


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