De Koopvaarddij Antwerp Belgium (Michelin star)

The Belgians love to eat properly and this is the best thing I like about them. My epicurean aunt Tita Chinggay brought me to De Koopvaarddij in Antwerp. The restaurant has a Michelin star and they are known to be very innovative with their menu. Coming from the Far East I was surprised to see that the menu we were having was Asian Fusion. I got to meet young Chef Wouter Van Tichelen one of the owners. We had a nice exchange on Asian cuisine. It is interesting how he puts in so much work and detail into his dishes. Here is the menu that he prepared for us:

Tongue with Madiera sauce, cheese puffs, ink squid crackers with herring, Sesame and poppy seed tuille (amuse bouse)
Dusted herbed potato cooked in mussel oil

Langoustine and squid served with sushi rice

Beef tenderloin with Bearnaise sauce, assorted tomatoes

Cheese trolley

The cheeses after selecting from the trolley: Camembert of Calvados, blue cheese, etc.. To eat start with the mild cheese to the strong ones.

For dessert Mascarpone ice cream with wild strawberries and cold melon soup

Madelines, green tea macarons, kaffir lime tarts, mint marshmallows

De Koopvaarddij- Michelin Guide


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