Nolet (Michelin Star) Yerseke Holland

Nolet is a famous one Michelin Star restaurant loacted in Holland. The restaurant is right beside the marina and oyster beds of Yerseke. The restaurant is owned by Chef Danny Nolet and is known for their very fresh seafood. It is Uncle G’s and Auntie Chinggay favorite restaurant.  Together with cousin J they brought me here to try the seafood gastronomic menu of oysters and the lobsters. And true enough the place can boast to having the best and freshest oysters in the world. The whole menu course below is just for one person. As a lover of seafood and crustaceans, this meal was quite a feast!







Cockle shells cooked with sage

CIMG9123Tuna Tartar, Oyster with leeks, Shrimp tempura











Fresh oysters (heaven on earth and not intended for sharing)







Lobster bisque ( So rich! To die for for!! Yummy!)







Seared scallops with apples in a light curry sauce

CIMG9130 Lobster and oyster gratin (my main course choice )







(Tita Chinggay’s order) or Sole topped with thin truffle sliced on creamy mashed potatoes and served with asparagus

CIMG9133Pan-fried sole with potatoes croquette (still part of the menu)





Assorted cheeses

Wild berries with vanilla ice cream

Chocolate pralines


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