Batanes – Things to do (part 1)

Batanes is one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. It is located at the tip and Northern most part of the country. Best why to get there is to take a plane.

Things to do in Batanes:

CIMG75491. Stay or visit Funcadion Pacita. Specially if you are on a honeymoon! It’s so romantic!!
For first class amenities we stayed in Fundacion Pacita.  The very beautiful and quaint B&B was the home of artist Pacita Abad.  A bit pricey for some but so worth it.  And the view from our room fantastic! We called it our home on a hill.

b1View from our room











2. Do a Photo Safari – Batanes is for me one of the most beautiful places in the world. The hills and mountains, the coastline, the UNESCO sites, the warm and beautiful people makes it a photographer’s haven.

3. Mahatao View Deck in Basco – yes this is in the Philippines! Not Tuscuny, New Zealand or IrelandCIMG7602







4. The Basco lighthouseb2











5. Payaman or Malboro Counrty – is a breath taking pasture overlooking the Pacific Ocean !!!!


6. Song Song Ruins -Batanes houses are made of stones to protect the locals from the harsh storms as the island is located along the typhoon belt.  The ruins are what is left of the town that was wiped out by a terrible storm

7. House of Dakay – is a 1887 UNESCO heritage building of a typical Ivatan stone homeb4












8. Visit churches – founded by the Dominicans, most locals are Catholics and the architecture of the different churches look the same. The Ivatans are deeply rooted in faith.b5






9. Honesty cafe – is a store that no one is tending … Just “honestly” pay for what you get. At first I thought the store was overrated then I realized that the concept represents this strong value of their people. Batanes is a place with almost zero crime rate, no poverty, locals do not need to lock the door of their homes, the island is small so everyone knows your name.CIMG7814



10. The Abad Chapel – the murals inside the chapel are made by the local artists

The island locals branded us as the four “young” chefs – together with Joanne, Peachy and Sabrina. Sunday mass celebrated with Congressman Butch Abad (5th from the left), his wife Dina (2nd in pink from the left), Loida Nicols Lewis (4th from the right ), Secretary Imelda Nicolas (3rd from the right in white) in the Abad’s very beautiful chapel perfect for destination weddings.

11. Valugan Beach- the stones are volcanic effusions from Mt. IrayaCIMG7789

12. Dive Batanes -shore entry to the marine sanctuary. The dive site is called Lalamisa by the fishermen. Diving in Batenes is still at its infancy stage.  The only dive master in the island is Chico Domingo. The locals know how to get in touch with him. Underwater is like being in another planet with the stretch of Pavona corals beds that look like rolling hills as far as your eyes can see down to 120ft.

13. Eat authentic Ivatan food and coconut crabs at Pension Ivatan’s Therese Coffee shop

14. Take a boat ride to Sabtang Island – make sure you have a lot of camera memory and extra batteriesCIMG7760CIMG7713

15. Chavayan in Sabtang Island -life is simple in this  fishing village of  ancient stone houses

16. Lunch at Nakaboang Arc and beach in Sabtang IslandCIMG7778


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6 Responses to Batanes – Things to do (part 1)

  1. lace says:


  2. bienROA says:

    chef pam!!! i miss you chef Pam!
    chef, tour package yan? or you guys went to those places on your own lang. you researched lang or what.

    mahal chef?

  3. admin says:

    Hi Bien! Kamusta si “elite”? haha! Miss you too. Si Chef Peachy nag arrange through Fundacion Pacita. Lovely place…you should go since you are into photography.

  4. bienROA says:

    hahahaha! chef Pam.. yes chef.. soon pag may time. chef. uhm.. how did you get to have your own site? i want to have one too. =)

  5. angelo says:

    how much is the air fare from manila? thanks
    kelan ang best month to go?

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