Bicolano Cuisine: Food Trip Part 2- Legaspi Restaurants

We had aspiring chef Toni Esteves and her family to show us the restaurants scene in Legaspi.  Toni is as passionate as her mother Beth when it comes to food. I am still very grateful to them for being such gracious hosts. Their newly re-opened “Hotel Victoria” along Rizal road is a place I would highly recommend. I was quite impressed with the home-grown restaurants that have been modernized. These outlets have concepts, standardized menus, use industrial kitchen equipment, follow sanitation practices, and have friendly trained staff. Eating out in Legaspi is so inexpensive.  I couldn’t believe the menu prices!

Biggs Diner is a home grown fast-food chain located at Pacific Mall. Decor was probably inspired by those American diners but the flavor profile of the food is very Filipino. They serve pinoy burgers, fries, pasta and barbecue. Their fried chicken is quite similar to Jolibee’s chicken joy.


DJC Halo halo is another local favorite located across Gaisano Mall.  It is loaded with leche flan, halayang ube, and what makes it unique is it is topped with grated cheese.  Also try the “Pancit Bato” which is thick homemade noodles.

Smalt Talk Cafe has a funny name. It is Toni’s favorite and a dating place for the young locals. The menu I would describe as Bicolano Fusion.  I tried pinangat pasta, spareribs, and the quite authentic adobong puti (adobo with coconut cream). This place I would recommend to the not so daring tourists.  In fact I was surprised to find out that it is listed in the book Lonley Planet.

Colonial Grill – I went to try for their unusual ice cream flavors. I tried Sili or chili  ice cream (yes it is spicy!), malunggay ice cream (tastes grassy), and tinutong (yummy -tastes like latik), kalamansi ice cream. Haha! Food trip experience!

La Mia Tazza is their local version of Starbucks. I tried the Pili nut coffee. Kudos for using local ingredients on their menu.

We came during Magayon festival which runs the whole month of April. Sponsored by San Miguel, they have a live band with different food stalls and booths. Well we had to try the hardcore stuff like fried breaded intestines, grilled pork tongue (yummy!), fried chicken neck, and grilled pig’s eyeballs. It was like a scene in “Fear Factor”. Hahaha!

Grilled Pig’s Eyeballs

For the super hardcore foodie one must try Alamo’s Eatery  for authentic Bicolono food. It is known to the locals as the “Hilton”. Where and how to get to the “Hilton”? I don’t know. I just remember it is near the Embarcadero de Legaspi Port and then we asked a tricycle driver to take us to the “Hilton”. It is called “Hilton” because of the irony of its exclusiveness. The locals know where it is located.   You can also say “kay capitana” because the owner and cook  is a former barangay captain.  She makes wonderful lechon kawali (deep fried pork), bicol express, crabs in coconut milk, and cocido. If the word “umami” also means leaving a lingering sensation, I still remember how the lechon kawali tastes like until now. Yummy!!

The path to find the eatery

Well the funny thing about this restaurant is (1) the difficulty of finding this hole in a wall, and (2) when you enter you will discover it is a house! Once inside we had to pass thru their living room where family members were actually watching television.  Then thru their family dinning room or den were other members were busy doing their household chores and they totally ignored us! The restaurant is located in a small room at the back.  It has mix and matched chairs, absolutely no ambiance, and the food is in a display counter (turo-turo style).  Again surprisingly, the place gets quite full during lunch time! I have to mention that the owner practices a socialized pricing scheme so the richer you “appear” to be the more expensive your food becomes! That rule applies also to the folks living in Legaspi. Isn’t that funny??? Alamo’s is such an experience!!


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5 Responses to Bicolano Cuisine: Food Trip Part 2- Legaspi Restaurants

  1. toni estevez says:

    hi chef pam! i’m glad you enjoyed your food trip during your stay. 🙂 wish we could have another “small talk” and “big appetites” soon hahaha!

  2. paul h roquia says:

    when i had a short business visit to legazpi last october; i had the pleasure of dining at small talk cafe, i’d say my stay wouldn’t had been that great if i missed the place. as a matter of fact i think i ate there as often as i can! yes, biggs is really a yummy place, and they should have branches elsewhere in luzon especially manila! i am looking forward to another trip there next year and gobble up the best dishes in town!

  3. bayani trinanes says:

    The bicolano food is really remarkable, i wish we have here in canada 🙂

  4. Beth says:

    Hello Chef !!! Next time there will be more… see you around :-))

  5. says:

    you should try authentic bikolano dinuguan… made from pig intestine and with gate. you are sure to love it

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