Day 6 CWC Naga-Caramoan-Legaspi-Donsol

Day 6 – Donsol – Swimming with the Whalesharks or Buntandings in the morning

Back to Legaspi in the afternoon


Tricycle to visitor center is P20.  Donsol tricycle drivers are honest.


Back to Legazpi:

GT Express Van (last return is 3 pm) P65

Van left us as early as 2pm so we took a jeepney from Donsol to Daraga for P60 then another jeep to Legaspi for P14 (2 hours)


Tried Casa Bianca Donsol as the other known resorts were booked.

0906-3099372 / 0906-9320457   – Raffy (very professional to talk to and son of the owner  )

P1500  (AC private bath with towels)


Meals :

We kept on eating at Amor Resort, best value for money.  P100-200/ per meal


Whaleshark  (half  day morning activity only, starts at 7am)

Visitor Registration at Tourism  office                   P100

Boat, Spotter, BOI fee Per Boat                            P3500 for 7 people

Snorkel, fins set                                                 P300

Disposable water proof camera                           P525 (buy in Manila if you don’t own underwater camera)

Souvenir T-shirt                                                 P200

Butanding spotter

Whaleshark experience one of a kind!!! The thrill of the chase! Spotted a 7 meter whaleshark! 3 buntandings out of 4 tries!! When the spotter says jump, you have to be ready to jump into the open water before the butanding swims away.  No wonder the locals kept on saying “good luck”…some see many, some see a few, some see none at all.


Seeing the Butandings was the best way to end our Bicol trip!! It was the cherry on top of our 7 day sort of “amazing race adventure” … always waking up as early as 5:00 am to catch a boat, bus, or jeepney…..  Being a city girl I can truly say Bicolandia is so beautiful and the cuisine so wonderful! Many thanks to our host in Legaspi the Esteves family who are also die hard foodies. They showed us hard core Bicolano cuisine…  Happy happy memories…Thank you God!


Will come back next year to dive and see the giant Manta rays at Manta Bowl dive site near Ticao Island. Met dive master Rodel Lita +632 0921-929 3811 for donsol diving. He tells us they see Mantas that are 5 meters long The dive shop is at Amor beach resort. Check


Note: Option to go straight to Legaspi airport from Donsol  (bit risky thou) or stay another night in Legaspi and enjoy the city night life.  We stayed another night for the Magayon fiesta and flew back well rested the next day.


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7 Responses to Day 6 CWC Naga-Caramoan-Legaspi-Donsol

  1. Em says:

    Hey, nice info, very helpful. we’re also planning to go to donsol during the holy week, and making our plans as early as Jan.
    Would you recommend that we hire our boat for whale watching on the center itself once we get there? or have it booked/assisted by the hotel as early as now? There is a huge difference in price. The hotel is charging 1800 per person (everything included).
    thanks for your input.

  2. Raymond says:

    Hi. Try our new resort in Donsol too next time… we just opened April 2009 and we are located in town.

  3. admin says:

    The tourism center arranges the queuing of passengers for the boats. It is seven people to a boat. If you are less than seven they will group you with the others. You just have to be there by 7:00 am. Last April ’09 the boat cost was P3500/7pax = P500 @ + P100 for the registration fee and P300 for the mask and snorkels. Whale shark watching is only in the morning so come bright and early. Enjoy!!!

  4. admin says:

    Also don’t miss the firefly tour 🙂

  5. Raymond says:

    This year they lessened the number of swimmers to 6 people…3,500 per boat for 6 people + 100 registration fee (300 if foreigners) +300 snorkeling set per person if needed… Btw, Giddy’s Place Dive Resort (my place) rents out Digital underwater cameras at 900 per interaction. This is better since you can take in video mode. And if you dont see any whalesharks AND do not download anything you dont pay…

  6. Rafi says:

    Hi. Casa Bianca looks far more different from the picture.( visit http://casabiancadonsol to view the latest pictures). After our renovation last year, we kept on hearing good feedbacks from our guests and they always left pleased. We have the most affordable rooms among other hotels and resorts in dancalan (where the array of resorts are in) and even in town. Amounting to Php. 1,500 for aircon rooms with hot shower and bathroom ensuite and balconies. We are beachfront and few walks from the tourist center. Our Fan room is Php. 800.00 only: good for 2 people with hot shower. Our cook worked in one of the bast hotels in Makati for 7years (for this 2010 season). -so try our foods specially our salpicao and flaming chicken inasal. For reservations, contact: 0906-309-9372 or 0907-299-9915.

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