Day 1 CWC Naga-Caramoan-Legaspi-Donsol

Day 1 – CWC Naga

Took a 1 hour flight to Naga.  The 10 hour bus ride costs P850 per person, for an additional P500 pesos we were able to take a one hour plane ride.


Airport transfer free shuttle for CWC. Make sure pick-up is arranged in advance for reserved seats


Villa del Rey

Stayed in a Cabana for P1350 net  for 2 pax, AC, hot and cold shower, TV, towels provided

Tel 054-477-33-44/ 477-33-49

Request for a booking confirmation number, their reservation system is a bit primitive


CWC wake board rates  P750 whole day, P460 half a day

Meals :

Try the triple burger

Average check P 150-250/ per meal

Tourist traps:

Reserve your accommodations near the water park so you don’t have to walk too far

Bring mineral water, snacks and chips, no sari-sari store inside

Getting out if the shuttle is not available


Off to Caramoan Camarines Sur the following day…..




About Pam

Teacher, cook, foodie, wanderlust
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One Response to Day 1 CWC Naga-Caramoan-Legaspi-Donsol

  1. Jade Haw says:

    Chef Pam! I’m soooo jealous! Wakeboarding is THE BEST!

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